Monday, January 9, 2012

The First of my 366 Articles have been Written!

This past week has certainly been a busy one for me. I said on Facebook that I was going to start of the New Year running, and in many respects, I did. My husband however made a joke, and said that I'd better not run, otherwise I'd hurt myself. I told him that I wasn't going to run, but that a good walk would probably do me some good. This week I discovered that not only was walking good for me physically but was also good for my writing. I walked four days last week. I already walked today as well. Enjoy my article:
Writing for Creativity
Have you broken your New Year's Resolutions already? Have no fear, you can start all over again. You can start over everyday if you want. In fact, you should. Read:
Happy New Day!
This year is an election year. Learn how things were during George Washington's Election
George Washington's Election
This is the coldest time of the Year. Here's a recipe from my pantry:
From the Pantry: Broccoli Potato Soup
It's cold outside, and the kids are bored. Get some work done, and enjoy a movie with your kids. Just don't forget to what the special features. They can teach you something about your writing.
Use Movies on DVD to Show You How to Improve Your Novel
In my writing I do research, and sometimes I discover something interesting that I can't include in my novels, so I write an article. Here's a history lesson for you:
Whatever Happened to the Erie Indians
Not everything has gone smoothly all week, though. Last Saturday, the last day of the year, my freezer broke. Fortunately for me, it gave me something else to write about.
What I did When My Freezer Failed
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