Thursday, November 12, 2009

Day 12 0f 2009 NaNoWriMo

I was doing so well last week. I was well ahead of schedule when Sunday came and I couldn't write all that day. Monday came and I caught up with most of what I didn't get written on Sunday and finally did get caught up on Tuesday. Today I only need to write about 1000 words to break 20,000 words! Whoo-who almost half way done! Thought I'd better get out here and let everyone know that I'm still plugging away at this novel and that everything is going well. I'm already thinking about the first rewrite. The first draft of any novel is a mess compared to what it ends up. Mostly what I'm writing is the actions of the main characters and the scene setups. Next month I'll begin what I call second draft and that's where I add details. It's still a long way from being ready to publish. I'm not ready to rewrite yet and there is a word count of 1667 still staring me in the face this morning. I love it when the word count is finished by ten o' clock in the morning. That didn't happen yesterday but if I get to work, It could happen today. My husband should be proud of me though, the writing is getting done and so is the housework.

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