Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Day three of 2009 NaNoWriMo

Today I've completed my third day of working on the first draft of my novel and have completed the third chapter. I have already written 5324 words of my new novel. Over 1/10th of the way to finishing 50k! There's a lot more drama than I expected this early in the book. I'm not having any trouble writing 1667 words a day and today has taken the longest of about 3 hours. My daughter has a dentist appointment this afternoon so I'll be taking her to the dentist.
I was going to write in my blog yesterday but I couldn't because I messed up the password on the internet so I couldn't get on and I had to wait until my husband got home before anyone could get back on. (I don't know the password, can you believe that?) But I did write yesterday and I did get the housework done yesterday and I even took the time to make two loaves of banana bread. The house is clean, there's fresh baking in the house to snack on, and I'm right on target with my book. Life is good.

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