Sunday, August 30, 2009

Day -62 and counting

Today the kids in my Wednesday night Junior Bible Quiz Class are going to demonstrate during our church morning service what they've learned during the past year. I'm kinda excited that we've been able to organize this event for the kids and they will be able to show what they've learned in front of the whole church. Also I've invited parents of the children who don't normally come to attend Sunday morning. I'm hoping at least the kids show up! Lol! I'm going to be starting a monthly newsletter that I hope will help the kids learn and help keep the parents informed about what we are doing. I'm thinking that maybe I can help the church with newsletters for other purposes too like maybe the women's ministry. But first I'll get this newsletter going and see how well I can keep it up. There are so many ways that all of us can use our talents to help our churches and other charity organizations. By offering my writing skills, I can assist my church in it's mission of reaching the Lost for Jesus Christ.

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