Sunday, August 23, 2009

Day -69 and counting

Today is day minus 69 and counting until I begin the NaNoWriMo. Yesterday after making my daily post I worked the character sketches for two of the maid characters for my novel. Head of Stone and Martha.The other two main characters I already has from my second book Soldiers Don't Cry so I'm not going to have to recreate their sketches I'll just have to add to them.Another thing I did yesterday was I officially signed up on the NaMoWriMo's official website as an official participant so I've got that taken care of. I've always like being one of those people who started everything as soon as it was possible to start anything. When I started nursing school I got all my paperwork in as soon as I could. (I was the first ) and whenever I was told I could take care of specific business, I did. I got all my homework done as quickly as I could after it was assigned. I figured out a system on how to do my clinical studies in just an hour when others were taking more than five hours at times to write theirs. I did great in school, was on the honor roll but I ended up being a lousy nurse. What I loved was the research, the learning, the talking to people. What I didn't like was the medication and trying to explain to doctors over the phone what symptoms the patient had. I'm a writer, not a talker. (Although I think I would do okay if I had a script that I learned and used it for public speaking. I think I'd surprise everyone.)

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