Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Day -66 and counting

Yesterday I didn't write in this blog but that doesn't mean that I didn't write yesterday. I wrote two more articles for eHow and worked on writing up a list of projects I want to get done before November.

There are twenty-nine projects I want to complete about half of them are writing projects and some of them are household projects. Some of the projects take more than one day to complete such as writing my 200th eHow article. But there are many that I can do all in the same day if I just put my mind to getting them done. Some of the projects I can do now. (And I am) and others need to wait until closer to November.

Yesterday too, they deleted three of my previous articles on eHow so that means I'll have to write 3 additional articles but I'm okay with that. I just know not to write those kinds of articles again. (They said the articles were not in the eHow format.) Really no big deal it just means I'll have to write more articles.

To get my housework projects done, I'm roughly using ideas given to me by FlyLady. She's helped me organize my life so that I can write. my house cleaning is under control. I have a somewhat organized, clean house and my time is somewhat organized. If you need help in organizing your house, or your life, I highly recommend visiting Marla and her crew are fantastic!

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