Friday, August 28, 2009

Day -64 and counting

There is some major dissatisfaction on the eHow site right now. A lot of people are dissatisfied with the fact that a lot of their articles were deleted some of them after several months. I haven't been making as much money on eHow as I would like and I've been thinking of perhaps diversifying my exposure with my articles too. There are a number of sites out there where I could add to my writing portfolio. I'm not sure however how this will fit into my over all plan. Do I drop the 200 articles from my plan and do the diversifying or do I go ahead and stick with my plan and diversify a little at a time and add it to what I've already got planned. I'll have to think about this for a while. I started a website today called Cygnet's Writer Approach The lite is located at I've still got to complete my links to it. For some reason my connection from eHow to this site didn't take either which may account for why no one has checked it out yet. I guess I'll have to fix that still. Yesterday after writing in this blog I worked on my articles for the newsletter that I'm writing for and worked on my synopsis for When God Turned His Head. With the new website today I wrote an about me for the website that I'm also going to use for an agent who asked for a page asking about me. I have it on the website but also have a copy to revise for the agent. Overall, I'd say I've had a fruitful past 24 hours.

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