Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Day -38 and counting

Time seems to be flying by. Do you realize that there is only 100 days left in 2009? Wow! Where has the time gone. I looked over my New Year's Resolutions for this year and although I've made progress since the beginning of the year in the areas that I resolved to change, I don't think I've met one of those goals yet. In writing, I've written quite a lot buy I haven't got much to show for my work monetarily. I'm also disappointed that no one has picked up on my book When God Turned His Head. I'm thinking seriously about self-publishing. It's not necessarily what I really want to be doing. I'd rather be writing but I've got to do something to get my writing before the public. In times past, a starving artist was considered a noble thing. Now, it's considered stupid. If I don't have someone willing to publish my book by the time A Coward's Solace has been written then I know I'll have to do my own self publishing. My mind keeps going back to The Shack. Because of the kind of novels I've written, my books could be self published and self marketed and the market could grow over time. I could get affiliates to read the book as an ebook then review my novels in press releases all over the internet. Maybe I could develop a system where I could take one step further for novels and become an online agent to help others promote their books both on the net and in the real world. It seems like a wonderful idea but I think I'd better finish A Coward's Solace first. Then I'll have the trilogy finished so that I will be able to focus my time at marketing the trilogy. (Of course, I'll just put out one book in the triliogy at a time that way I'll build readership over time) I'm thinking though, if I get the book polished and ready by the first of the year, this whole idea could be a reality within the first quarter of next year. Anybody want to join me and help me promote my books and have me help you promote your book?

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