Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Day -52 and counting

Yesterday after writing my blog, I decided to work on research of the book that I'm writing in November. I finished the outline of the book last week and since it's a historical novel, I've got to be sure that all of my information about the actual event is true. Also I want the real people who actually present at the event to be as genuine as possible. The event is the signing of the first peace treaty between the Native Americans and the newly formed United States government. Finding research material on the internet is so easy. I quickly was able to find the actual document on the internet with the names of all the signers as well as the persons of interest who attended. (of course, my characters were also there, a point of interest in the story but not to the document.). In the possess I found information about the Delaware chief that was there and I thought I'd found information about one of the States signers but as it turned out there was more than one Andrew Lewis in history and the one I found was a different Andrew Lewis. This Andrew Lewis had such an interesting life however that I'm thinking that I might just use him anyway, unless of course the Andrew Lewis at the signing was even more interesting. During the next month or so I'll be learning more about the historical figures who are portrayed in this book. The more I know about the actual historical events and the people who participated, the more depth my story will have when I get started and the easier it will be to write.

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