Thursday, September 10, 2009

Day -51 and counting

In the Musical The Sound of Music, Maria was not a very good nun so the Reverend Mother at the Abbey sent her to be a governess to the Von Trapp children. One of the things that Marie said when this was beginning to transpire, was that whenever a door closes, a window opens or something to that affect. In my case, I'm having to go through open windows quite a bit lately and it's interesting what I'm finding on the outside of those windows. I'm glad that last week I discovered that taking the easy route often the better idea. Why is it that young boys who would rather be outside in the real world, where they'd rather be, are forced to sit in a class room at the age of 6-8 when they have no desire to be there where all learning is a struggle when if they can just wait a couple more years, the same material will be easier for them?. Then these same boys are diagnosed with ADHD and labeled for the rest of their lives simply because they weren't ready to learn what teachers wanted to teach them? As adults we too are stuck in this same rut. We are told to work on our weaknesses rather than accentuating our strengths. All that does is lead to feeling like a failure and we don't have to be failures. We are not failures. We are just putting our attention on things that aren't working for us. Already, since my resolve to walk around stumbling blocks rather than being tripped up by them, I'm making progress. I'm doing what I really want to do first and amazingly, I'm not procrastinating and I'm even getting things that I wouldn't necessarily want to do done too. I wonder why that is? Maybe it's because when the focus is taken off of the idea that it is not something that I want to do, I actually do want to do it because I know that by doing it I will be benefitted. Or maybe like the little boy, I am just ready to do it.

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