Sunday, September 6, 2009

Day -55 and counting

Just 55 more days until the 2009 NaNoWriMo begins. I was thinking this morning about how I chose the name Cygnet and I thought I'd share. It's really quite easy to understand when you know the facts. A cygnet is a young swan. My maiden name was Swanson so you see, it's quite understandable how I chose that name.

I've always enjoyed the story of the ugly duckling. There are actually three possible endings to this story. The first one is the ending when he sees the older beautiful swan early on then sees his reflection in the lake. The second is when he sees another Swan and his owner tells him that he too is a swan. The third one is when the cygnet sees the older Swan, and wants to be like the older swan and then begins to copy the older swan. He then realizes that all along he always was a swan.

What I really like about the third ending is that the younger swan always was a swan. He stopped listening to the crowd (ducks) and started living his life on his own terms. When he emulated what he admired, he was simply developing who he really was. I think that's what I'm doing too. I stopped listening to the crowds and started emulating the person that I want to be. Am I the swan that I want to be? Not yet, I am Cygnet and I'm emulating the swan.


  1. I didn't know the cygnet swan connection. How clever! Enjoyed your post. Be the swan. I'll be the squirrel.

  2. When I was in Navy Bootcamp, they called me 'The Swan'