Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Day -45 and counting

Today is a dark dreary day. The clouds are heavy and rain is pouring down.I haven't gotten much done today, I did listen to a teleseminar that was very helpful but I haven't written anything yet.

I've been thinking about my new novel that I'm starting in 45 days and I have been looking at the title. I've decided that the coward that the book is about isn't the man in the book who thinks he is the coward. Actually the coward could be one of three men. I've got my main characters pretty much identified and have a pretty good idea of who they are. It's the minor characters that I still need to flesh out and help appear real. Maybe fleshed out isn't the right word because no character is fleshed out until they are put into action within the realm of their setting. It's like of like the difference between the character in a script and the actor acting out the scene. The actor brings life to the character and makes them real. They put their own interpretation on the character sort of like happens when a writer takes the character in the character sketch and puts them in their situations. That is when the character is truly fleshed out.

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