Monday, October 19, 2009

Day -13 and counting

Monday, Monday, what a day Monday is. Mondays I catch up from the weekend and today not only do I have the weekend to catch up from but I've also been given another chore. Because cold weather has set in, I now have the wood stove to tend. Not that I keeping the fire going during the day. When I think about the alternatives--paying high prices for propane or electricity, I much prefer heating with wood.

Today has been quite productive even though I haven't done much writing yet today. I worked on an article that needs to be sent out within the next couple of days and that's about it. But I have finished most of the housework and all of the laundry is on the clothesline so I won't have to do laundry for at least a couple of days. (Takes that long to get a full load. About all I've got left to do with the house is the vacuuming and putting away the laundry. Not too shabby for a Monday.

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