Saturday, October 3, 2009

Day-29 and Counting

Today I was actually working toward preparations for November although I don't know if my husband and daughter are aware of that fact yet. Today I make five apple pies, baked one and put the other four into the freezer. (I will bake those so they are fresh when we plan to eat them. I also froze 11 batches of refrigerator cookies. (They are made like the Pillsbury cut and bake cookies except without the little doughboy and with a lower price tag.)

I've got a lot going on this next week concerning my writing. I've started a blog to help a friend of mine sell her Children's book. I've just got it started. I've got the book on there and her avatar. I've started an interview with her and I've still got to read her book and write a review for that. I've also got to talk on Monday to an associate of mine about a newsletter we're working on and I've got to write my first article for the on Monday. Not only that but I also have got to do housework on Monday.

On top of that, next week I've got to write my newsletter for the Children's Bible Quiz and I promised to help a local church ministry writing for them. Add to that, I've got soup to can and blackberry juice in the freezer that I want to make into jam soon. (I might put off making the jam until January.) Oh, yes, there's still stuff to do with winterization on the house and a few other household projects that my husband and I need to finish before winter sets in. This whole thing is really started to snowball as far as the work is concerned. I sure hope that I'm going to be able to bring a lot of it to a screeching halt come November because I'm not letting anything get in the way of my writing that novel in November.

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