Monday, October 26, 2009

Day -6 and counting

Just this week and I'll be starting A Coward's Solace. Wow! I'm so excited! I can hardly wait to get started.

We spent yesterday setting the ground work for a project that my husband and I are getting ready to begin a major project in our lives. I would talk about it now but it's not time. When it is, I'll let everyone know.

Because I was busy with that yesterday I didn't get much else done. Today fortunately I'm home by myself but I was behind on a lot of every day things including keeping up with my email so today I've been working at catching up with those things. I should be writing today finishing another of those two articles but I've got other things I have to get done first. Mondays are that kind of day and after having the family around all last week, well, I've got to get caught up with every day things.

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