Friday, October 9, 2009

Day -23 and counting

The days are zipping right by summer has definitely given up and fall weather is dominating. Last night we had quite the rain storm and today it's still cloudy. The NaNoWriMo crew is starting to show up in the forums on the official NaNoWriMo site. Did yo know that NaNoWriMo is a not for profit site and they don't accept advertising? They do accept donations though and if you'd like to donate, you can do so through their website. Don't put up your nose to this being a not for profit site. You never know when this site might actually be fostering the next Steinbeck. Another thing, as a not for profit they could also be eligible for endowment of the arts money but they don't take that either. Like I said, they work strictly through donations.

I don't know who might have looked at my site about author: Darlene Sabella but I think it's awesome and so does Darlene. If you have a child between the ages of 6-12 who loves to read fantasy chapter books,he/she will love this book. My daughter just got her copy of the book (she's eight) and she loves her new book. Especially since this book was autographed by the author herself.

Despite the rocky start I had at the beginning of the week, I've actually had a very fruitful week. I wrote 2 eHow articles, 4 infobarrel articles and I finally got the one for the St Louis article published and it is being reviewed by them right now. I met a really nice lady who let me use one of her pictures on the examiner article her name is CarolAnn Sayles and she has an article in Maggie Jochild's site called Meta Water shed. You can view that article by going to Be sure to comment and let them know I sent you when you do write.

I'm beginning to feel like a real promoter of other people's stuff as well as my own. I really do like helping people. I just hope that it really does turn out that I am helping others. I'd hate to think I'm doing all of this in vain.

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