Sunday, October 18, 2009

Day -14 and counting

Last night we had our first frost here in this part of the Ozarks and today we finally put in our wood stove and started a fire for the first time this season. Also my husband finally decided it was time to take out the air conditioners. (Something I wanted to do weeks ago). We also did some more of the weatherization that needed to be done around here. There are still a few projects that need to be done but we ticked a bunch of them off our list today.

There's only three writing smaller projects that I need to get done within the next two weeks. Can you believe that there are only two more weeks until 2 the 2009 NaNoWriMo?

I think I'll have my character Elizabeth write diary entries throughout the story then have action in the third person with Head of Stone and Martha as the POV characters during the various scenes. I can write the diary entries from beginning to the end of the story, telling what is happening in the war and providing transitional material from one local to another and to transition from one time period to the next. This way I'll be able to focus on the action scenes involving either Martha or Head of Stone without getting side tracked. Using diary entries also make use of the fact that I am most familiar with Elizabeth's character. In rewrites, I may get rid of Elizabeth's diary but maybe I won't because a lot of information was recorded via diaries during the Revolutionary War period.

I'm trying to write each of the novels in my saga differently. None of them are the typical Romantic Historical Novel. WGTHH is a mystery of sorts, Soldiers is an action/adventure and Coward is well, I don't know exactly what I'd call it. There are definitely psychological aspects of each of these books that relate to the modern world in some respect. I don't think any of them are being written using any type of formula. Whatever I write, I write what I like to read. If I don't find it interesting, why would anyone else?

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