Monday, October 12, 2009

Day -20 and counting

Today is Columbus Day! Happy Columbus Day! I just read an article wondering why it is that there aren't any Columbus Day celebrations? The article was telling about a Columbus Day parade that was a ruse. About the only thing that happens on Columbus Day is that it is a national holiday and so the mail doesn't run and State and federal offices are closed.

Let's say though that we decided that we wanted to celebrate Columbus Day. How would we celebrate it? Well, having an outdoor picnic or barbecue is out because in most of the country. Getting together for a big indoor celebration isn't very appealing either. It's too close to Thanksgiving and Christmas. We could have a parade. I mean they have St Patrick's Day parades why not a Columbus Day parade? We could extend the Christmas shopping season back to Columbus Day. After all, there are Columbus Day sales going on. We could also begin our Christmas gift crafts on Columbus Day too or how about beginning our stocking up on holiday baking needs?

For me Columbus Day has a special meaning. Twenty-four years ago on an observed Columbus Day (It was the 14th rather than the 12th that year) my first child-my son Jeremy was born. He was born at 7:05 am was 21 inches long and weighed 7 pounds 13 ounces. He now owns his own logging business. He's overcome some challenges in life that I've never had to face and it would be more than motherly pride to say that I'm proud of him.

Today though, I'm personally going to do what I do every Monday. I'm going to clean house and I'm writing a little bit too if I can find the time and again I'd like to say: Happy Columbus Day!


  1. Happy Columbus day? That imperialistic white oppressor? Just look what his "discovery" and subsequent invasion did to the indigenous peoples!
    You should stop glorifying the fantasy of "manifest destiny" HHHAARRRUMMMPPPHHH!!!!

  2. If it weren't for Christopher Columbus and manifest destiny, you and I wouldn't be here. We'd be serfs in Northern Europe. (I guess you wouldn't. You'd be royalty.)If it weren't for him, someone else would have jumped into his ship and sailed here. Hope you're having a wonderful Day! Mr. Woods.