Monday, October 5, 2009

Day -27 and counting

I look back on all the things that I was supposed to get done today and it's just not going to get done, at least most of it isn't. Today is not a good day for writing. It's just not a good day for me at all. It started out bad when I dumped my coffee all over our livingroom carpet. Then things got even worse when next the toilet over flowed. But the worst thing that could happened when my husband couldn't get the car started this morning. He never did get it started. The car is dead. It's something really major that is wrong with it and we don't have the money nor the credit to get it replaced or fixed. It's either the fuel pump or it's a module or it's a computer problem. It wouldn't be so bad if we lived anywhere close to anyone but we don't. We live twelve miles from the school and at least as many miles from anyone we know that could take us any where. To make matters worse, my daughter and husband are still at home. My daughter was supposed to go to a Meet the Author event today and she's really bummed. My husband is handling the whole thing pretty well except for the fact that no matter what happens, he always brings up the fact that I'm not bringing in a real wage which is really hard to handle.

Add to all this that my writing has been held up this morning because our computer is connected to our only phone line and my husband had to keep it open so he could talk to someone at the school. So I wasn't able to get started working until after ten thirty. Getting started that late really cuts into my day because I've completely blown my prime writing time today. Not only that but both of them are sitting right in the same room that I'm writing in and call it a writer's idiosyncrasy but I don't write well with the noise. Top it off, the dog is barking at something under the house and it's driving me crazy.

I mentioned that the toilet overflowed, right? Well, I did get a large share of my housework that I'd planned for this week done. I cleaned the kitchen, cleaned the refrigerator (Including defrosting) and I cleaned the oven. (Okay, so it's a self-cleaning oven but I did have to wipe out the ashes this morning.) Oh, yes and I did three loads of laundry which I hung out. Thank God it stopped raining.

So I"m not getting done what I wanted to today. I may not be able to get done what I want to get done but I'm getting done what I can get done. Some days, that's about all you can do.

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