Thursday, October 29, 2009

Day -3 and counting

It is raining again. It's getting to be an old story. Yesterday was a bright sunny day. I should have been doing laundry but I was working on the computer instead. Today I did a must do load. My daughter needs the costume she wore to a party last Saturday for her Halloween party at school and then for trick or treating this Saturday. It's done done so I can continue doing what I do best. (I hope you can figure that out on your own without me telling you because if you can't, let me know.)

Today I have a project or two I need to finish then tomorrow I'm going to do my monthly cleaning for next month as well as making some headway into having next week's housework caught up and ahead a little so that I can concentrate next week on getting my novel's first draft started. I have determined that it is priority one. That's not to say I won't be doing other things. I still need to care for my family's needs and I may even write an article or two but only after I've written at least my quota for the day of 1667 words on the novel. I believe that I'm fully up to the challenge.

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